About Us


I discovered Omnilife in January of 2000 by the recommendation of a close friend. The only thing I wanted was vitamins for supplement because I knew very well that I did not eat properly. Probably by unawareness rather than by lack of knowledge. When this friend asked me if I had any health problems, I said I was relatively a healthy person (because I had never gone to a hospital for any chronic illnesses). He told me how Omnilife had helped his family to have a healthier lifestyle and I agreed with him, since I knew vitamins are very important in nutrition.
I decided to purchase the products directly from the company so I enrolled as a distributor and started taking Omnilife products. I was not looking for a business or a job opportunity because I had my own medical office (I graduated from San Marcos University School of Obstertrician in Lima, Peru). I was exercising my profession then, so this is what motivated me to have a desire to have a "healthier lifestyle".
The first thing that happened on the first intake was that I went to the bathroom so many times that my abdomen decreased in size and I felt lighter, which made me realize that I had a lot of waste in my intestines and didn't even know it. After 15 days of taking the Omnilife products I realized that I no longer had migraines that lasted for several days (I didn't want to take traditional medicine, because when I was a student in my University I took a class call pharmacology and I learned that a pill does more harm than good for migraines, so I preferred to endure the pain). Also, no more leg pain and excessive fatigue, and I had less irritability, which means I was more patient and calm. It was then when I took the bottle of Optimus (known as Kenya in the USA) and took out my book of pharmacology and started to research the ingredients realizing that concentrated B complex and other vitamins was what my body was deficient of. Then I understood that all my health problems which I was accustomed to living with were due to a lack of vitamins and minerals.
By then my brothers and neighbors had noticed a change in me and was complimenting that I looked better. I told them that I not only look better but also I felt much better. Someone even said I looked 10 years younger. It was then that I began to share with my family and friends and with anyone who asked me about this great opportunity that has given me a business but more importantly my health.
Health is now my passion, my favorite subject. Even though that I no longer work as an Obstetrician I still am using my knowledge to share and teach people that one of the main causes of sickness and disease is a lack of nutrition and Omnilife is an option that has helped me, but not only me, but my husband and children and also, my extended family and friends.